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We will provide you with best and most attractive opportunities if you wish to build, sell, purchase, rent, residential or commercial properties in Lahore. That’s great news! You’ve chosen us because of our 20 years of experience and fully customizable home designs. Thank you for your trust, we’re not going to let you down.


Wasay Enterprises focus on providing quality and service to our customers that will last their lifetime. Our goal is to make the customer’s needs, desires, and dreams become a reality. When you choose us for your home construction services, you can expect award-winning quality craftsmanship, superb customer service, and a lifetime of satisfaction.

Constructions Plans:

Gery Structure      :   1499 / SQFT
Standard +          :   2999 / SQFT
A+ Standard         :   3999 / SQFT


Wasay Enterprises, a Luxury Interior Design is one of the best interior design firms in Lahore. Experience gained in the Lahore allows taking up the most daring and extraordinary projects, create luxurious VIP interiors, without repeating the already used design solutions.

Specializes in the design and construction of buildings and facilities for various functional purposes, and the creation of interior design solutions from new construction to remodels. The highest expertise allowed the company to create more than 30 Complete Interior Design projects, most of which are related to the luxury home segments.

We use only the best technology and materials, adapting them to the specifics of Pakistani construction and decoration. Cooperation and trusty business relations with leading Pakistani architectural firms and consulting companies, innovative centers and manufacturers in Pakistan.

It is important for home plans to be handled by professionals. When looking for a great designer & builders, it is important that you choose the one with the best reputation. Glorious Builders will create a house plan that will perfectly fit your needs and requirements.


Our range of capabilities allows us the freedom to provide diverse architectural solutions, to leverage innovative products and materials, and to include our clients’ visions to improve each project we touch.

Whether the structure is residential, commercial, non-profit, or otherwise, at our center, we are a services-oriented company, dedicated to adding value in the built environment. Our architects, designers, and consultants listen to client needs and are skilled at translating that knowledge into functional, aesthetically pleasing and sustainable solutions.

After all, a building is not merely a structure. It must exist in a community and improve the experience of those who use it – and those who will only benefit from its environmental impact.


Structural drawings usually refer to drawings of concrete, steel, wood, and other building structures. Structural drawings clearly describe all structural components involved in the building construction and their relationships.

Structural drawing involves various engineering calculations corresponding to material physics and properties to prepare structures which can bear up all kinds of loads the structures may be subject to. Structural drawings are prepared by professional CAD operators.

Structural drawings also contain general notes whenever required for information on the floor, roof, walls, wind and other static and dynamic loads, permissible soil pressure and stresses of all building components used for construction.

You Have Chosen To Work With Us

That’s great news! You’ve chosen us because of our 20 years of experience and fully customizable home designs. Thank you for your trust, we’re not going to let you down.

The Fun Part

Next in line is the Selections meeting. We want to make this the most enjoyable part of the process for you because this is where your vision for your custom home comes to life.

Almost There...

The fifth step is the Final Walkthrough. We’ll go through your home together and make sure everything is up to standard and selections.

Let's Build You a Home

The orientation meeting is our first step. It’s at this meeting that we discuss all options available.

It's Alive

Our fourth step is the Electrical walk through which is where you will be able to choose all the lighting in your home as well as outlet placement to fit your needs.


You did it! Enjoy your new Wasay Custom Home!